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Posted on December 11, 2016

Festive season.  What festive season?  If it wasn’t for the Christmas bling strewn through our streets and shops I’d think it was just another time of the year, only turbo charged.  Are you also trying to cram in last minute meetings, work tasks and planning?  Or, are you one of the sensible ones gracefully wrapping up the year end, finishing the last bits of Christmas shopping and lining up the turkey (or prawns)?

For working parents it’s not only the push to tie up loose ends before the end of the year.  Oh no, there are end of year school celebrations, awards days, formals and then the school holidays.  My three children all go to different schools so times all of that by three and you’ll get some idea about why I’ve recently delegated control of my diary to our wonderful Louise Lord who has now stepped into an executive assistant role.

So, this weekend I decided it was time to slow down.

Well, sort of.  This week I’m writing from Melbourne.  It’s been a weekend of family, eating, re-setting and generally catching the Christmas spirit.

It’s interesting don’t you think the scramble we get ourselves into before doors and diaries close for the end of the year.  It’s almost as if we aren’t actually going to start again in two or three weeks.

What’s your diary looking like this week?  Is there possibly something that you can cull giving yourself a chance to slow down?

Youth career pathways

With unemployment among young people being at a critical point in our region we certainly need to focus our efforts on creating change.  I’ve been working alongside the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet to facilitate a workshop designed to identify key gaps and opportunities in developing opportunities which assist young people into employment.  While only a short project I’ve been watching this unfold with great interest.  There are so many opportunities to innovate in this space and I really look forward to contributing to this in 2017.


By now you probably know about the Building Better Regional Fund (BBRF).  The turnaround is going to be quick so make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row.  Just in case you aren’t aware as yet the fund is open on 18 January and closes at the end of February.  Find out more here or contact our office for more details.

Gathering inspiration

governerI was enormously inspired to meet numerous Community Transport operators at Government House in Sydney on Friday night which was hosted by His Excellency General David Hurley, Governor of NSW and his wife, Mrs Linda Hurley.  Even though transport (or the lack thereof) is a challenge in many of our regional communities, the various community transport providers do not receive nearly enough recognition of the important services they provide.

The Community Transport Organsation CEO, Stavros Koufis has some serious plans for the future of community transport – well worth tuning in to.

From Sydney I flew on to Melbourne (let’s not speak of some airlineMelbournes and their over-selling policies).  I’ve been considering various place making and retail promotion policies noticed in the past few days with great interest and put a hash tag out there to experiment with – #shopmidnorthcoast join me if you will on Facebook and Instagram.

Working together

While I’ve enjoyed my brief city visit to Sydney and Melbourne this weekend it’s certainly reminded me of something that’s fundamental to creating functioning communities – that’s working together in collaborative relationships.

Are those relationships easier to form in the country?  Maybe, maybe not. But there’s one thing for sure – without functioning and collegial relationships the ‘disadvantage’ and issues we speak of in our communities is never going to change.

In 2017 my commitment is to work collaboratively with other entities to create opportunities for our region.

Kerry03  Want to work alongside RDAMNC in 2017?  Contact me HERE