Regional Plan

Regional PlanRDA Mid North Coast is responsible to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development for the development of a Regional Plan which describes the Mid North Coast, its attributes, industry, social profile, employment and key advantages and barriers to development and sustainability.

The purpose of the Regional Plan is to set out a strategic framework for economic development in the region. It outlines the priorities for development in the region as a list of actions. Rather than focusing on individual communities, the plan takes a “whole of region” approach, looking at the priorities for development that have a broad consensus. While the Regional Plan has a focus on economic development, it seeks to identify opportunities that will also have a clear and positive impact on the social, environmental and cultural spheres of the Mid North Coast.

The Regional Plan is submitted every 3 years. The most recent plan was submitted in August 2013 and has been approved. The plan documentation should be seen as dynamic. The Regional Plan acknowledges that there is no greater certainty than change and therefore, requires RDA Mid North Coast to prepare annual action plans to achieve goals in an incremental process.

The Regional Plan is developed through a process of extensive consultation with local government and key partners from across the region and is supported by considerable research undertaken by RDA Mid North Coast. This supporting research can be found in the Regional Profile – Statistical Overview. For the benefit of our community, RDA has also prepared a summary document which gives a snapshot of the regional priorities in the Plan.

The regional priorities will evolve as our region does, and we trust this will be with the full input of our community so the work of RDA Mid North Coast clearly reflects the ambitions of the people living in our region.

Go to the Regional Plan 2013-16

Download the Regional Priorities Summary 2013-16

Download the Regional Profile – Statistical Overview (Attachment 1)

Download the Stakeholder Consultation and Partnership (Attachment 2)


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